A GPS vehicle tracker is one of the best ways to know the location of someone without them knowing. We can apply one of our trackers onto a vehicle for a defined period of time and allow you to view wherever that vehicle is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through an app installed on your smart phone.


How it works


We will require the vehicle registration plate, the make, model and colour of the vehicle. Once we have discussed when the tracker is to be deployed and for how long, one of our operatives will deploy the tracker. Once deployed, you will be informed and you can then see the tracker on the app.


Monitoring the tracker

On a Smartphone

We can talk you through the functions of the mobile app that is iOS and Android friendly.

As long as you have a smart phone you can view the vehicle’s location at any time of the day or night, seven days of the week.


On a computer

We will talk you through functions of the desktop panel that is very user friendly.

No matter your choice of device you can check the movement history of the vehicle by day and it shows all stops and and starts as well as the speed of travel whilst it was being driven.

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