When doubts occur as to the faithfulness of a partner it is often not knowing that becomes the worst part. At Frontier Intelligence we work hard to maintain 100% confidentiality in order to either set your mind at ease or collate substantial evidence to address the problem.

Often suspicions are aroused due to behavioural changes in a partner and it is unclear whether these changes are as innocent as they may claim. In some cases we have found that a suspected unfaithful partner may merely be planning a surprise for their partner, however this is not always the case. You may be certain that your partner is unfaithful or keeping secrets from you and it is simply a matter of proving this. Only by having the facts and proof of their actions will you be able to resolve your concerns and if necessary confront the problem.

At the end of the investigation you will be provided with a report of our findings and all video and/or still photography.

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